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A Call For Workplace Democracy

By Corey Puckett Last week, the Forge wrote an article calling for workers’ assemblies. ANVIL supports this motion. But the question is, when the workers assemble, what will they demand? The long divided working class has to be brought together. Their long retreat into self-interest is the reason the economic crisis has spilled into the political theater and has allowed

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Whose freedom?

In the state of Tennessee and the wider Southern US, you hear all the time from the rich politicians and their lackeys about ‘protecting freedom.’ Yet whose freedom are they concerned with? The freedom of those who struggle for a living? Those who are not white, Christian, straight, cisgender? Quite simply, no. The rich and their bootlickers do not care

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Time for Appalachia to stand up to capitalism

Many in Appalachia supported the current Trump regime in the last election. However, that support was followed up by the regime proposing to abolish the Appalachian Regional Commission, which funds programs that helps people in the region. In this excellent overview at,  Travis West lays out the case for why Appalachians should come together and build a socialist program for the

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