Monthly Archives: March 2018

How capitalism destroys Indigenous life

By Val Reynoso Capitalism is a system in which the means of production are privatized and held by corporations and other powerful groups of people, is founded on the idea of the free market (laissez-faire), privatized personal gain and is reliant on imperialism to exist. The Taino of Hispaniola were among the first to feel the wrath of Spanish imperialism

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How the US sabotages democracy abroad

By Val Reynoso Bolivia and Chile differ significantly in their historical relations with the United States and its enemies. These differences are caused by the neoliberal economic system and the legacies from the Pinochet era Chile has, as well as the exiting from world banks, centering of Indigenous issues and redistribution of wealth Bolivia has acted on. Bolivia has an

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How Temer invites violence against the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil

By Val Reynoso The indigenous population of Brazil is composed of at least 305 different tribes. The majority of native peoples live in the Amazon including 67 previously uncontacted tribes in the Javari Valley reported by the National Indian Foundation of Brazil (FUNDAI) in 2007. Furthermore, the current right-wing Brazilian interim president Michel Temer incites violence against the indigenous peoples

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