Dear Mr. Billionaire: Can I exist?

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Yesterday Republicans completely failed to do the one thing they’ve been screaming about for almost a decade: repeal the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). It seems even Republicans got shy about doing something that would eliminate health insurance for millions.

But as we know, the ACA is still a flawed system designed to help insurance companies as much as it is to help people. People still have to raise funds online to pay for medical procedures. Cancer patients are skipping LIFE SAVING medicine due to high prices.

Which gets us to the point: Why is there a ‘health care debate’ in the first place? We all exist on this planet. We all have a right to exist and to be here. There is no shortage of medical care.

There is only the desire on the part of the ruling class to restrict what should be a right – the right to exist – to the the chosen few.

And in fact, this isn’t just health care. It’s everything. Your right to eat, live in shelter, have warmth depends on how valuable a billionaire thinks you are. If you don’t go through the process of proving your worth to a billionaire, you don’t get to keep living.

This isn’t an exaggeration. It’s fact. Sure, you can open your own business. But you’re probably going to have to pay rent and you’ll have to pay for business expenses.And if you don’t make enough money (prove you are worth something to a billionaire), that business won’t last. And you’ll have to get another job, where you’ll have to prove your worth.

This is how the system functions. And it is wrong. And it needs to be replaced with one where we all work together and no human being has to ‘prove their worth’ in order to continue to exist.

If you defend capitalism, you’re acting as a lackey for the interests of the rich. Why do you want to be a lackey? You don’t. Let’s build a new society.

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