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The People’s Congress of Resistance: An opportunity for true democracy

By Samantha Jacobs The United States Congress does not represent the people of the United States or their interests. On September 16th and 17th in Washington D.C., a new type of congress will convene. The People’s Congress of Resistance, which will give a real voice to the workers and oppressed communities who’s demands are regularly shut down and silenced by

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Why Dialectics?

By Mattie Stardust “To become ‘ideologists of the working class’ (Lenin), ‘organic intellectuals’ of the proletariat (Gramsci), intellectuals have to carry out a radical revolution in their ideas: a long, painful and difficult re-education. An endless external and internal struggle.” Louis Althusser, “Philosophy as a Revolutionary Weapon.” 1968   As Marxist-Leninists, and especially as young revolutionaries, we are faced with the

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