The history of May Day

By Erin In 1866, the Geneva Congress of the First International adopted the eight-hour day stating "As this limitation represents the general demand of the workers of the North-American United States, the Congress transforms this demand into the general platform of the workers of the whole world." Cities all over the world began planning for … Continue reading The history of May Day

Lumumba’s campaign an opportunity for the left in the South

By Muhsin Yorulmaz On May 2nd, the people of Jackson, Mississippi will vote in the primaries for the mayoral candidate for their city. Thanks to the duopoly system - to which people in the US are so accustomed as to often forget it is there - it is already expected that whoever wins the Democratic … Continue reading Lumumba’s campaign an opportunity for the left in the South

What Neoliberalism Cannot Give Us

By A.Nicole Alarcón For many years to come, the 2016 election cycle will likely be remembered as one of the most defining events in contemporary American history. Not only did the election result in the nomination and confirmation of one of the most violent capitalists in our society as president, it brought to the forefront … Continue reading What Neoliberalism Cannot Give Us

The Twilight of the Presidency

By Matthew Kenner Van Jones was impressed! “That was one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in American politics,” Jones said on CNN, deciding to speak for us all. This was an extension of his now famous assertion, following Trump’s address to Congress on Tuesday, February 28th, that “[Trump] became the President … Continue reading The Twilight of the Presidency

Black Internationalist Feminism – A Review

Editor’s note: From time to time, we will run book reviews about topics relating to the struggle for liberation. We are very pleased to print this review by scholar Kimberly Miller of Cheryl Higashida’s book, ‘Black Internationalist Feminism: Women Writers of the Black Left’. By Kimberly Miller What is Black Internationalist Feminism? Black internationalist feminism … Continue reading Black Internationalist Feminism – A Review

Trump goes to war – HANDS OFF SYRIA

Less than 3 months in, Trump's regime has gone to war. The United States launched missiles on Syrian government targets on Thursday night. It is the  United States' first direct attack against the Syrian government since rebels (including al-Qaeda and ISIS, both aided and abetted by the US government) began their attacks six years ago. … Continue reading Trump goes to war – HANDS OFF SYRIA