We won’t crowdfund our way out

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We are told over and over again in our schools and in our mass media that capitalism is the only system that can adequately and efficiently allocate resources. We are told that socialist systems are not efficient and don’t work.

But how do the lackeys of the rich explain that one third of families in New York City homeless shelters have at least one family member that works?

How do they explain that people still struggle to pay for health insurance and often cannot pay for life-saving drugs? The Knoxville area is facing having no insurer on the ACA exchange in 2018 after Humana said it was pulling out.

How do these lackeys, which defend the capitalist system in hopes of gaining favor with the billionaire class, explain the rise of food deserts in the state of Tennessee, mostly in rural areas?

The system won’t fix these problems. The system will only make it worse. And it is not simply a problem of voting in a different party locally, statewide or nationally.

These problems can only be fixed by challenging the capitalist system. It won’t be easy. But it will require all working people to come together to create something new.

We won’t crowdfund our way out of this. It will take all of us, seizing power however we can. Let’s get started.

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