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East Tennessee says NO to fascism!

  By A.Nicole Alarcón Forty-five Nazis. Two hundred police officers. Over two hundred and fifty members from the University of Tennessee’s campus and surrounding East and Middle Tennessee communities united to combat white supremacy and fascism. A failed university administration’s response and student organizers’ call to action. Just over one week ago on February 17th, the University of Tennessee’s Progressive

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People-centered healthcare vs. capitalist healthcare

by Val Reynoso Bolivia and Chile differ significantly in the ways their governments address issues and their performance in regards to healthcare. Bolivia’s healthcare system is successful given that the World Health Organization (WHO) praised its achievements particularly in the fields of medical care, social security, water and sanitation. The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) also supports initiatives in the

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Full decolonization and self-determination for Indigenous People!

For most of the history of the Left, decolonization and support for self determination of Indigenous People has taken a backseat to economic concerns. Fortunately, this is beginning to change in the United States. Decolonization is rightly getting an increased focus on the left. The Workers World Party and the Party for Socialism and Liberation both call for self determination

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The US military is killing us all

By Benny Koval Less than 20 percent of Americans trust the federal government, a historic low. Why, then, is so much of the public’s trust placed in Washington’s armed wing abroad? About two-thirds of Americans are “concerned” about the DPRK, otherwise known as North Korea, having nuclear weapons. A similar amount of Americans would support US military action against the

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Cops, capitalism and the massacre of trans people

By Devin Cole   Warning: This article contains a graphic depiction of a shooting death of a transgender person. In the continuous war on transgender people, another life has been senselessly taken, this time at the hands of a particularly violent arm of the capitalist state: the police. On Sept. 16 Scout Schultz, a bisexual, intersex, non-binary student and activist

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