What is Decolonization?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yym3_Kp6xXA&t=4s By Val Reynoso Decolonization means to undo the ideas and systems of oppression that European colonizers imposed on Global South people. As colonized people we have been forced to assimilate into the capitalist-imperialist, white supremacist order as a means of survival, such as through boarding schools, slavery, torture and human trafficking. We … Continue reading What is Decolonization?

The rich know global warming is real and they don’t care

For decades, the rich, oil companies and their PR bootlickers in the corporate media have maintained one thing: Global warming, or climate change, is a hoax and does not exist. Even though this flew in the face of established science, the rich - in their murderous, never-ending search for more money - lied in saying … Continue reading The rich know global warming is real and they don’t care

Busting Bougie Myths: Common misconceptions about Venezuela

Editor's note: This is a transcript of a video by Comrade Val about bougie myths about Venezuela. 1. A common misconception about Venezuela is that it is a Dictatorship under which there is no democracy. 23 elections have been held in Venezuela since 1998, which was the year when Hugo Chavez was elected president and … Continue reading Busting Bougie Myths: Common misconceptions about Venezuela

Party Organizing In The 21st Century

By Alyson Escalante In my previous article for The Forge, Against Electoralism For Dual Power, I argued that it is necessary to forward a base building strategy over and against the current electoral strategy which dominates the socialist movement in the United States. I recommend reading that article before reading this one, as this is meant … Continue reading Party Organizing In The 21st Century

Women’s healthcare in Cuba vs the US

By Val Reynoso Cuba is an island in the Caribbean governed by a socialist state that has made strides in numerous aspects, including but not limited to socioeconomic equality, redistribution of wealth to the masses, advocacy for the end of apartheid in South Africa, and the end of the colonial rule in Angola during the … Continue reading Women’s healthcare in Cuba vs the US

Knoxville’s brutality against houseless people

This week Knoxville police and city personnel began clearing out houseless camps near downtown. The Forge spoke with a member of the Knoxville Radical Alliance that has been working on these issues and witnessed some of what happened. Q: What happened at the camp? About what time? At the houseless encampment at Broadway and W … Continue reading Knoxville’s brutality against houseless people

Against Electoralism, For Dual Power!

Vladimir Lenin in 1917 struggled with the same question we do today: Is it possible to work within the capitalist state to further socialist goals? By Alyson Escalante Getting a candidate elected takes resources. The New York chapter of the Democratic Socialist of America mobilized members to register 20,000 new voters, rallied around traditional campaign … Continue reading Against Electoralism, For Dual Power!

Another Racist Monument Falls

  On August 20, 2018, the night before a national prisoners' strike was set to begin, students and protesters at the University of North Carolina pulled down a monument to the racist Confederacy. The monument's destruction came just a year after a similar monument was pulled down in Durham, North Carolina by Workers World Party … Continue reading Another Racist Monument Falls

National Prisoner’s Strike Begins

  Editor's note: This interview was conducted by Jared Ware, freelance writer and Advocate for the Rights of Incarcerated Peoples. It was provided to The Forge and many other outlets. It was originally released earlier this summer. We are publishing it again today, August 21, 2018, the day the Prisoner's Strike was launched. The Forge … Continue reading National Prisoner’s Strike Begins