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Racism and cultural appropriation in Hollywood

By Val Reynoso In 1960s Hollywood films, characters of color were played by white actors in order for more people to consume the media due to the notion that whiteness is more acceptable and is the default race; these white actors also embodied dangerous stereotypes about people of color and appropriated their features and cultures in their roles due to

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Hammer and Hoe: The Alabama Communist Party 1928-1951

By Devin Cole In 1990, Dr. Robin D.G. Kelley published the phenomenal book Hammer and Hoe, documenting the 23-year history of the Alabama Communist Party, a chapter of the Communist Party of the United States. Formed and molded by Black sharecroppers and laborers such as Black southern revolutionary Hosea Hudson, the chapter went above and beyond fighting for the rights

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Marx and the condition of the working class

By Val Reynoso Karl Marx was inspired by Hegelian theory and is known for his explication of dialectical materialism and historical materialism. Dialectical materialism refers to the objective reality independent from the mind and spirit, it describes the tangible consequences of class struggle and life under a capitalist system. Historical materialism refers to the idea that all forms of social

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