Feminism and Identity Politics Today

By Linda, Asha - Lesbians for Liberation There is no doubt that women face oppression in society today. The perpetuation and normalization of women’s oppression, however, could not have been accomplished without the universal framework. The “universal” is a framework which centers men as the standard and anyone who deviates from it as “different”, or … Continue reading Feminism and Identity Politics Today

How capitalism enforces gender binary

By Cal Before reading this article, if this is your first exploration into gender variance, cis heteronormativity, its connection to capitalism, or with any of the LGBTQ+ community, please take a moment to visit http://www.transstudent.org/definitions/  to get a more foundational understanding of the terms being used throughout this article. No time in my life has … Continue reading How capitalism enforces gender binary

A new socialist org is born: A report on the Marxist Center conference

By Alyson Escalante Full disclosure: I attended the Marxist Center conference as a delegate for United Communists of Lane County, a revolutionary socialist collective from Eugene, Oregon, of which I am a member. I aim to provide an unbiased account and reflection on the events of the conference, but I want to emphasize that these … Continue reading A new socialist org is born: A report on the Marxist Center conference

Analysis: Current affairs in Korea

By Val Reynoso In September 2018, South Korean President Moon Jae-in arrived in Pyongyang for his third summit with Kim Jong-un in hopes of declaring an end of the Korean war, which although not a legally binding treaty, could assist in the removal of the US troops still occupying South Korea, when the US was … Continue reading Analysis: Current affairs in Korea