The link between British imperialism and US commercialization

By Val Reynoso The capitalist economy is reliant on colonialism and imperialism in the Global South in order to sustain itself. The India House is where imports were managed in New York from India, which was colonized by England in 1757. After defeating Nawab Siraj-ud-daula at the Battle of Plassey in 1757, the English East … Continue reading The link between British imperialism and US commercialization

Your Classism Ain’t Cute

By Cal “Most University organizing and activism is designed to funnel young adults on the cusp of being radicalized into neoliberal models of social management via 501(c) 3/4s to keep acquired networks, resources and knowledge where they can be monitored and disciplined via funding.” César Miguel @cesarmvm   There are a lot of issues in … Continue reading Your Classism Ain’t Cute

Capitalism marginalizes working people from civic life

By Val Reynoso James R. Farr and Robert Darnton both discussed worker marginalization from political and civic life in particular reference to the working lives of the journeymen and the alloues. A theme both shared in their conditions as proletarian people is how their lower hierarchical status, despite journeymen being rendered slightly above alloues in … Continue reading Capitalism marginalizes working people from civic life

Transcript: Marxism 101 – Base and Superstructure

By Alyson Escalante If you’re beginning to dive into Marxist thought, then you have probably heard people talk about and use the terms”base” and “superstructure.” You might be wondering exactly what these terms mean, and why they matter for understanding and resisting capitalism.   I’m hoping to use this video to explain the basics behind … Continue reading Transcript: Marxism 101 – Base and Superstructure

Knoxville’s brutality against houseless people

This week Knoxville police and city personnel began clearing out houseless camps near downtown. The Forge spoke with a member of the Knoxville Radical Alliance that has been working on these issues and witnessed some of what happened. Q: What happened at the camp? About what time? At the houseless encampment at Broadway and W … Continue reading Knoxville’s brutality against houseless people

The Perpetuation of Indigenous Erasure

By Val Reynoso Along with the history of the development of the term, the notion of the Latin race is constructed against indigeneity as well as Blackness, which was reinforced with the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo between the US and Mexico. The Mexican-American war of 1846-1848 ended with the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo on February 2nd, 1848 … Continue reading The Perpetuation of Indigenous Erasure

Against Electoralism, For Dual Power!

Vladimir Lenin in 1917 struggled with the same question we do today: Is it possible to work within the capitalist state to further socialist goals? By Alyson Escalante Getting a candidate elected takes resources. The New York chapter of the Democratic Socialist of America mobilized members to register 20,000 new voters, rallied around traditional campaign … Continue reading Against Electoralism, For Dual Power!