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The quest to uproot white supremacy

Here in Knoxville last weekend, almost 3,000 people took the streets to protest a rally by white supremacists. It was a local battle in a war by anti-racist comrades against white supremacists, white nationalists and neo-Nazis that has been taking place across the United States. The crowd of the anti-racist protesters dwarfed that of the white supremacists by 70-to-1. The anti-racist

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The evolution of racialized patriarchy

By Val Reynoso Gail Bederman explicates in Manliness and Civilization how manhood and manliness has been defined historically throughout the decades and how the ideology of manhood ties into race, class and gender constructs and analyses. Bederman argues that civilization is defined as discourse and that in the progressive era, discourse of civilization is shaped mostly by modern constructs of

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Possible reduction of Native monument proves Trump doesn’t care about history

  By Erin Mezgar In an unprecedented move, US President Donald Trump is expected to announce his decision to shrink Bears Ears National Monument. This development comes in the wake of Trump’s criticism of the removal of Confederate monuments across the country. For local and diasporic Native communities, the reduction could be yet another blow in the battle for self-determination.

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Sparks of Solidarity: Aug. 25

By Mattie Stardust Racist monuments vandalized   After white supremacists and neo-Nazis attacked anti-racist demonstrators Aug. 12, leaving one dead and dozens injured, anti-racist forces have gone on the offensive. Statues memorializing racist symbols, including the Confederacy and Jim Crow, have been toppled, spray-painted and vandalized across the country. Here are a few notable highlights from the cultural war against

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Green as Red: Marxism and Climate Change

By Christopher C. The biggest threat facing the world today is global warming. This is better called climate change since, according to the predictions, not all parts of the globe will become universally warmer. Nevertheless, there is an overwhelming consensus among scientists that climate change is happening. Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals show that 97 percent or more

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Update on the struggle in Durham

In the last week, the fight against fascism has escalated, particularly here in the Southern United States. First, in Charlottesville, Va., thousands showed up to counter-protest fascists of all stripes. In the aftermath of this confrontation, a fascist murdered one of our comrades, Heather Heyer. Two days later, a group of socialists and communists in Durham, N.C., led by Workers

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