It’s not an invasion when the US does it

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Imagine this for a second.

A Syrian army fighter jet shoots a missile at a church in the Southern United States filled with people worshiping on a Wednesday night, killing all of them.

Imagine the reaction.

Everyone in the US would be in the streets screaming for war and to invade Syria. Every news network would be covering the story around the clock, with every pundit calling to destroy Syria. Trump and all other US politicians would be on TV promising to turn Syria into a wasteland.

People and leaders in countries from Europe and beyond would be holding demonstrations in support of the US people and condemning the Syrian attack. Even Putin himself would very likely make a public statement in condemnation.

So what happens when it is the other way around? Not a peep.

On Thursday, the US bombed a mosque in northern Aleppo in Syria.

There was almost no coverage of the attack in the US media. The New York Times essentially ran a government PR piece stating the attack happened, but denied a mosque was hit. CNN’s website ignored the murders entirely.

This is the danger of the billionaire owned media. American victims are human beings. All non-Europeans don’t count. They’re not human. The US and the imperialist powers can murder them with no consequence.

None of this will improve until those of us who struggle every day form our own institutions and organize a socialist society.

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