Stop the genocide against Black trans women! Protect trans WOC!

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By Devin

Stop the genocide against Black trans women! Protect trans women of color!

Mesha Caldwell!

Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow!

Keke Collier!

Jojo Striker!

Jaquarrius Holland!

Chyna Gibson!

Ciara McElveen!

Seven trans women of color have been murdered in 2017; it is 12 March, 2017. Six of them are Black trans women. Three of them were in Louisiana; two of those in New Orleans less than 48 hours apart. Where is the national outcry? Why is the media refusing to air this the same way they aired the death and trial of Matthew Shepard? And that is not to say that Matthew Shepard’s murder wasn’t as important; of COURSE it was – his life and legacy are very important, but the media’s outright refusal to honor these trans women shows the longstanding bias and hatred against trans people, especially trans women, in the media. Trans women of color cannot even be justified in death.

It is evident, now more than ever, that we keep us safe – trans people must keep trans people safe, since the state, the authorities – not even the press, will keep us safe. We must look out for us and ours. We must protect Black trans women, and all trans women of color. They face the highest amounts of discrimination and violence and we must utilize all of our resources to keep them safe. Down here in the south, we must unify! There must be a united leftist front in the south to keep trans women of color safe. Employment, housing, resources, and safety must be collectivized in order for a safer community to exist; Jaquarrius Holland, Chyna Gibson, and Ciara McElveen, the three Black trans women murdered down here in the south, must never be forgotten as the southern united front continues to unify and eventually rise towards liberation for all oppressed groups, including and specifically centering Black trans women.

Devin is a transgender communist organizer in the south.