Your DNA is yours, not your employer’s

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dnastructure.jpegThe rich already control the vast majority of the world’s wealth and resources. They control the state and the monopoly on violence against all of us who have to struggle just to get by.But apparently that is still not enough. A bill making its way through the U.S. congress would allow employers to collect your DNA – and fine you if you refuse.

These DNA collections would be done via ‘workplace wellness programs’ and open up a host of privacy problems. Because as we all know, if employers can use this information to discriminate, they will.

It’s not hard to imagine a master DNA database being set up similar to how credit scores are set up now. Employers could access it to see if you are more of a risk for cancer or other diseases and then enforce an even more rigid caste system than the informal one they have now.

And of course, the wealthy would either not be forced to give up their DNA or if they were, could just afford to pay a fine to avoid it if they wished.

The rest of us aren’t so lucky.

We have the power – by coming together – to create a new society and stop this kind of domination and exploitation.

How much more before those of us who struggle finally say ‘Enough’?

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