Time for a Workers’ Assembly

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The politicians that do the bidding of the world’s richest people already control the United States Congress and the state legislatures.

A billionaire is president of the United States and his cabinet is largely made up of some of the richest people on this planet. These people just proposed a budget to slash mind-boggling sums of money from medical research, environmental protection – even programs to deliver food to the elderly. Just so the rich can have even more.

As always, it isn’t enough.

A movement is afoot among the right wing to call another Constitutional Convention. Under Article V of the U.S. Constitution, if 34 states pass resolutions calling for such a convention, a convention of states could happen and could radically alter the constitution.

Proponents of this idea say that 28 of the required 34 states have passed such resolutions. Tennessee is one of them. One of the groups supporting such a convention is ALEC, the infamousĀ American Legislative Exchange Council,. ALEC is a right-wing group which pushed the “Stand Your Ground” laws in many states and promotes legislation that makes business easier for private prisons.

The rich want a convention of states to completely re-write the state in their image, eliminating any and all rights to working people.

But even as scary as it sounds, we have our own weapon against such an assault: Workers’ Assemblies.

If enough of us got together in our communities, these assemblies could come together to truly make decisions that affected ALL of us for the benefit of all.

You might be thinking: Would these assemblies have any authority? Wouldn’t they just be informal?

The rich are already moving now to strip us of any legal rights we have (in theory). Why should we continue to live by their rules?

The ONE thing the rich fear is the power of millions of working people (this includes all people who have to struggle to survive under capitalism, especially those who are unable to work for medical reasons).

The rich fear our power so much, they invest untold sums of money to convince us we have no power. Every magazine cover you see that makes you feel bad about yourself, every television propaganda piece that tells you to just relax and binge-watch a show, every government official that tells you to hate another poor person that doesn’t speak your language – all are invested in stripping you of power.

We must all work together, reclaim our power and create our own destiny for the good of all people.

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