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Beyond Black and White: Socializing Latinx and Asian Identities

By Val Reynoso In her article “For Many Latinos, Racial Identity Is More Culture Than Color,” Navarro addresses the complexities of Latinx racial and ethnic identities especially in regards to the US census. She explicates how the race classifications offered by the US census are not satisfactory to many Latin American descendants for numerous reasons; some of these reasons being

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How LBJ sabotaged the Dominican Republic

By Val Reynoso After watching one of Lyndon Johnson’s speeches, I was reminded of how US politicians will use their platforms for lip service and euphemisms for imperialism in defense of the status quo which majority of citizens have accepted as the truth. Johnson spoke about the Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965, which essentially liberalized immigration regulations, made family reunification

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How the US government and Facebook suppress non-Western media

By Val Reynoso The U.S. boasts itself on being the land of the free; however, this narrative shifts in regards to U.S. government censorship of non-Western media, particularly through major social media outlets such as Facebook. Contemporary social media giants and politicians have been complicit in the censorship of media coverage that opposes that of mainstream news, with the justification

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No War In Syria!

Tonight, the United States’ fascist regime led by Donald Trump announced it has begun bombing Syria. We completely condemn the US declaration of war and utterly oppose US imperialism. As we said a year ago, US claims of chemical attacks by the Syrian government must be taken as propaganda. The US lied to get into war with Iraq, Lybia and

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Why Colombia – not Venezuela – should worry you

This report was first published by Anticonquista. We are grateful to share this information. By Val Reynoso Venezuela and Colombia are Latin American nations located in the northern part of South America that are covered in diametrically-opposed ways. U.S. propaganda claims the Venezuelan government is authoritarian and repressive, often describing the country as a socialist “hell hole.” Meanwhile, it claims

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How capitalism destroys Indigenous life

By Val Reynoso Capitalism is a system in which the means of production are privatized and held by corporations and other powerful groups of people, is founded on the idea of the free market (laissez-faire), privatized personal gain and is reliant on imperialism to exist. The Taino of Hispaniola were among the first to feel the wrath of Spanish imperialism

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