A week of revolt

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The last few months have seen white supremacists rally in several cities across the country with support from the power structure from the executive branch to the mass news media.

We’ve seen major weather events – no doubt worsened by climate change – devastate parts of the country, killing and damaging many lives.

We’ve seen a fascist murder one of our comrades – Heather Heyer. Today, we’ve seen the United States government refusing to do anything to punish the murderers of Freddie Gray.

The time has come to say enough.

This week, many movements are standing up in revolt. In Durham, North Carolina, many arrived to support Workers World Party comrades who faced a court date today. Party activists, led by WWP member Takiyah Thompson, tore down a monument to white supremacy in that city last month. Since then, several comrades have been arrested as a part of a witchhunt in the city against communist and anti-racist activists.

WWP has many events scheduled to support these comrades all over the country. You can find a local event or add one here:

Endorse Sep 11-17 Week of Action in support of Durham Freedom Fighters and list local activity

and find the hashtag #DoItLikeDurham on Twitter.

At the end of this week is the People’s Congress of Resistance in Washington D.C. on Sept 16-17. Go to http://www.congressofresistance.org/ to read the Manifesto of the congress and the goals.

The ultimate goal of the congress is to build dual power to give the people a tool to build a new socialist society.

Check back this week at The Forge for more coverage of The People’s Congress of Resistance!

Smash Capitalism!

Smash White Supremacy!

Decolonize everything!


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