Capitalism takes our time from us. Let’s take it back!

When we talk about capitalism, most of the time the talk is about money. This focus is important because under capitalism, money is a measure of who has the most resources and power. Endless oceans of ink have been spilled on arguments by socialists and capitalist lackeys about wages and re-distribution and the economic fairness or lack thereof between the

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Marxism and the crisis in retail

By Mattie Stardust “If you want to know about American history, just page through a Sears catalog!”   These words, no doubt meticulously crafted by a multi-million-dollar marketing firm, call to mind the Sears-Roebuck of the twentieth century. Once a fledgling mail order catalog, by mid-century Sears would become the largest department store chain in the U.S., boasting the tallest

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This Is Your Mind On Growth: The Addiction-Industrial Complex

By Matthew Kenner “We’re crazy, going crazy,” Kurt Vonnegut said in a 2006 Rolling Stone interview, “about petroleum. It’s a drug like crack cocaine.” In April 2007, I’d just recently started a stint in inpatient rehab as part of a plea agreement related to my July, 2006 arrest, at the age of 18, for cocaine distribution, when one of my

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