The rich know global warming is real and they don’t care

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For decades, the rich, oil companies and their PR bootlickers in the corporate media have maintained one thing: Global warming, or climate change, is a hoax and does not exist.

Even though this flew in the face of established science, the rich – in their murderous, never-ending search for more money – lied in saying that it was the science that wasn’t accurate.

Now we know they are lying. A document by the Trump regime itself admits that global temperatures will rise by seven degrees in the next 100 years, unleashing a true catastrophe all over the world.

The even scarier news is that the regime – and the rich people it serves – don’t really seem to care. They still are going to try to keep exploiting – and murdering – the rest of us. The rich are no doubt planning to retreat to their safe zones while the rest of us fry to death.

This isn’t something that is up for debate anymore. It is fact.

The question is: Are we going to fight them?

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