Don’t believe the hype: Nothing has changed in the US

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There is a fairy tale the rich and their lackeys like to tell often.

In fact, we hear it so much, many of us believe it. The story goes like this: A long time ago, America was sexist, racist, run by rich folks and did bad imperialist things. But now that’s over and everything is good and America is the one pure country.

Often the story can change depending on the situation. Many defenders of US imperialism explain away the worst imperialist crimes by saying America was fighting the Cold War and that such things as sponsoring coups and invasions no longer happen.

In the case of sexism, we’re shown the current representation of female celebrities and businesswomen as proof sexism has been conquered.

In the case of racism, we’re often told that after the Civil Rights movement, everyone became aware of racism’s evil and that America became truly free for everyone.

It is all a lie.

The United States is in the middle of a war in Afghanistan that has lasted almost 17 years. The United States sponsored a coup that installed a right-wing leader in Brazil two years ago. The United States is attempting to overthrow the elected government in Venezuela. The United States is attempting regime change in Syria with the hopes the country can be divided, with one or more sections under US control. The United States is saber rattling against the DPRK and Iran as well.

The United States is still a deeply sexist country. Women still do not have full control of their own bodies. The rich attempt to prevent birth control and other medicines from being eligible for insurance coverage. Many states have laws that prevent single women from undergoing voluntary procedures to permanently prevent pregnancy. The ability to get an abortion is severely restricted and under greater assault every day.

The United States is a creation based on the genocide of Native peoples and the holocaust of African slavery. Those populations within the US borders are undergoing racist violence EVERY MINUTE of every day currently. Native peoples are murdered by police forces at a greater rate than any other group within these borders. Black people are ROUTINELY murdered by police forces for insignificant crimes like minor traffic violations or for even being suspected of minor property crimes.

The rich still have complete control over workers in the workplace. Amazon, the wealthiest company in the world, controls and works its employees to such a degree people have died in their warehouses. Amazon, along with other companies, have engaged in scams against truck drivers where they finance a driver’s truck, putting them in so much debt they essentially work for nothing.

America is not great and it never has been. It is not good. It must be transformed into something new. This is our work, day by day, for all of us who live within these borders.


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