Full decolonization and self-determination for Indigenous People!

For most of the history of the Left, decolonization and support for self determination of Indigenous People has taken a backseat to economic concerns.

Fortunately, this is beginning to change in the United States. Decolonization is rightly getting an increased focus on the left. The Workers World Party and the Party for Socialism and Liberation both call for self determination for Indigenous People in their platform.

Decolonizing the ‘Western Hemisphere’ and returning these lands to Indigenous control is a priority for The Forge. This is important for its own sake, but it also would deal a fatal blow to capitalism. A decolonized and socialist “North America” would end the United States’ role as the linchpin of the capitalist system.

Solidarity with all Indigenous struggles to regain control of the lands of this hemisphere and everywhere, especially Palestine!


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