The rich work together – so should we

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The ruling class has a story they like to tell the rest of us. In fact they tell it every day, in every mass media available.

The story is this: Big-time Democrats and Republicans are in constant battle over their ideological beliefs, each following their differing principles to make the world better and more free.

This is a lie. It’s the biggest lie of all time.

The truth is, big-time, rich Democrats and Republicans are on the same side. They’re friends. They’re buddies. The public disagreements are just a ‘work’ like in professional wrestling.

Don’t believe it? Try this story of MSNBC’s liberal icon Rachel Maddow describing her friendship with Fox News’ Roger Ailes.

Maddow, supposedly an avowed feminist, is buddies with the man who sexually harassed numerous women at his network. She even wants to buy him a meal.

Then there was the recent story about numerous major Republican figures (including many from the Trump family) partying in the Hamptons with George Soros and Democratic Senator Charles Schumer.

The power structure of the United States is one big group of rich folks legislating for themselves while putting on a public show to distract and amuse working folks.

The Democrats that claim to support healthcare for all have a habit of backing away from such a measure when it gets even remotely close to passing, as happened recently in California. Why? Well, they’re buddies with the pharmaceutical and health insurance companies and in some cases are involved in those industries.

If you work and struggle to make it every day, realize that the rich don’t care about you. The rich are working together to keep the rest of us down.

Isn’t it time we started working together to help ourselves?

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