Without a vision, the people perish

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In the last few days, the Trump regime has 1) finalized a $110 billion arms deal with brutal monarchy Saudi Arabia and 2) submitted a budget for the federal government that slashes billions of dollars for programs that help poor people.

Neither of these things should be much of a surprise. It was obvious these were policies Trump would want to put into place.

But it leads us to this: Without a vision, the people perish. The rich have their vision for the world. We see it all around us.

We see it when we see the homeless in our cities while local governments shell out millions or billions for new convention centers or stadiums (many of which replace facilities less than 20 years old).

We see it when we see people with chronic illnesses are told they can’t get life-saving treatment because they can’t pay.

We see it when governments and corporations always have more to spend on weapons, but never for food or education.

But we, the working people don’t have an alternate vision. That’s the problem. We need to come up with one.

What do we want? That’s the first step. We’ve been told by the rich over and over that our wants and needs are impossible. They’re not.

Do we want less labor time? Do we want food, housing and medical care? Do we want better education? Do we want the US government to stop funding tyrants across the world? How about popular control of all the inventions paid for by taxpayer dollars by secretive research groups like DARPA?

There’s no limit to what we can demand. By organizing ourselves and creating a vision, we can take the next step of making it a reality.

Let’s get started.

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