An interview with the Queen City Maoist Collective

Building alternative institutions is a crucial part of the struggle toward socialism, particularly in the hostile environment of the Southern United States. With this in mind, we reached out to our comrades with the Queen City Maoist Collective in Charlotte, North Carolina to learn out more about their important work. The following is our interview.

Q: For people that don’t know anything about collectives: What is a Maoist collective? What do you do?

A: Our Maoist Collective is a pre-party organization formed with the intention to build a national Maoist party like others around the country, we each apply Maoist theory to our local conditions to build the revolutionary communist struggle in our areas. We work to find and supplement the needs of the people in our areas while expounding out theory and politics.

Q: Why is Maoism important for people struggling against capitalism in the Southern US?

A: The atmosphere of racism, queerphobia, islamophobia, etc., is unique compared to the rest of the U.S. A large amount of the work being recognized is being done by people working through non-profits. They have made a career out of the movement and their goal is to work in the movement for the rest of their lives. When people apply Maoism to their work they focus on the needs of the people as a whole, not on how the movement can serve their self interests. The goal of Maoists is to make revolution possible in our lifetime, not to struggle under capitalism forever.

Q: What do you consider to be the most important part of your work?

A: Our work, thus far, has taken 2 main paths: political education, and party building, with intentions of starting mass work in the near future. It’s characterize what of these paths is the most important but it’s very clear that we need a revolution in this country to overthrow capitalism by connecting with the most oppressed. All of our work is to build a anti-revisionist Maoist party capable of leading the masses to its historic destiny of creating a communist world.

Q: How can collectives like this help us fight against capitalism?

A: We must fight capitalism with proletarian revolution. By building collectives, we can bring communist theory into practice. The framework of an MLM collective makes it possible to build with the local masses, and be accountable to criticism and self-criticism. It is only by connecting with the masses of working class people that a revolution can happen in this country, and that starts with meeting the needs of the people, exposing the antagonisms of capitalism to the people.

 Q: Anything else you want to add? 

 A: Thank you to The Forge for reaching out… Towards communist revolution!

You can learn more about the Queen City Maoist Collective here.

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