We don’t need permission to be healthy

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So a Republican lackey stated in the last couple of days that working people need to choose between “an iPhone” or health care.
It’s no surprise that bootlickers of the capitalists would say such a thing, oblivious to the hardships working people must endure to simply try to stay alive.
But this thought suggests a few things, all of which show the urgency of forging a socialist society.
1. Why should workers have to give up a luxury in order to obtain something that should be theirs by right: The right to a healthy life. This shouldn’t even be a debate. It’s even right there in the founding document of this settler country (written by slave owners) that these fascists claim to love so much: “Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.”
2. Workers made the iPhone. It’s our property as something we made. We have every right to that which we make as well as the right to a healthy life.
3. If the capitalists insist that everything we have is simply because they choose to give us jobs, income, housing and health, then they are proving our point. They control everything and we have no say in anything.
We then have every right – as a matter of survival – to take our life, health and happiness from them. We should no longer ask their permission to live and thrive on the planet we were born on.

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