Let’s forge the future

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We live in troubling times. Each day before we can even get the sleep out of our eyes, we are confronted with new horrors.
We are hit with bigotry against our trans and LGBQ sisters and brothers. Imperialism. Hatred against immigrants. Threats of war.
These come fast and furious. Many of us don’t even have time to place these events in context or know why they happen.
But there is an answer as to why these things happen and how they are linked: capitalism. At The Forge, we seek to help each other to figure out the way forward and to build a society where ALL can be happy, healthy and safe.
Our mission is to fashion a new, socialist future. But we know this task won’t be easy.
No doubt, Trump and his team of ghouls are fascist. They and their policies must be opposed and resisted at every turn.
This regime is racist, transphobic, homophobic, white nationalist, sexist and imperialist. But realize this also: fascism is in the very bones of the American state.
The political entity known as the United States was founded on the genocide of Native people and the holocaust of African slavery. And the chief executives of that state are always war criminals.
Andrew Jackson was guilty of genocide. Harry Truman dropped atomic bombs. Ronald Reagan ignored a deadly epidemic because he didn’t like its victims. George W Bush invaded Iraq based on lies and the cynical and cowardly capitulation of the billionaire owned media. More than 1 million Iraqis were murdered as a result.
Barack Obama dropped tens of thousands of bombs in the last year of his presidency alone. He allowed US proxy Saudi Arabia to attack Yemen, potentially starving millions.
Those of us who live the the Southern United States are in the beating heart of this vicious empire. It is the place where the very worst of this government’s legacy lives and breathes. It is vital that we resist this empire and all it stands for right here and now.
If capitalism, white supremacy, imperialism, sexism and bigotry against LGBTQ people is to be ended, it must be defeated here.
This task falls to us. The good news: We have each other.
The tools are in our hands. Let’s get to work. Let’s forge the future.

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